Meet the Trustees

The Trustees oversee the running of the Foodbank, which operates as a registered charity.

They set the vision, priorities and values for our work. Pulling together insights from the everyday operations, they are tasked to think strategically to steer the course of the charity both now and into the future. Their responsibility of governance includes handling of finances, safeguarding, health & safety, and the various aspects that affect staff and volunteers. The trustees take an active role in authoring policies, role descriptions, and monitoring the health of operations across the whole area of our work.

Karl Relton

Karl Relton
Karl is the chair of trustees and one of the founders of Ely Foodbank. As minister of the Countess Free Church in Ely, he brings his desire for ordinary people to help in the community at the grassroots level and a passion to see people in need assisted. He is married and has one daughter.

Gordon Foster

Gordon is treasurer of Ely Foodbank. Although now ‘semi-retired’, he has broad commercial experience in sales management and, more recently, in property management. He lives in Haddenham, but is a Deacon   –  and regular pianist  –  at Over Baptist Church.  Gordon likes to get out onto the golf course when he has any spare time.

Jenny Gage

Jenny is an ordained minister in the Church of England, and a keen volunteer at our distribution centre in Haddenham. She has been a committed advocate for the charity Shelter, and as a founding member of Ely Social Responsibility Forum, had a role in the formation of the Foodbank. Jenny became a Trustee of the Ely Foodbank in 2018.

Jenny Webb

Jenny Webb is Team Vicar in the March Team Ministry. She also coordinates the work of Christian Aid locally, and chairs Churches Together in March. Jenny has been involved with our March operation since its inception, working both in distribution and in the warehouse. She became a Trustee of the Ely Foodbank in 2018.

Mark Bonney

Mark Bonney
Mark has been the Dean of Ely since September 2012 and became a trustee of Ely Foodbank in 2017. The Cathedral community has supported the Foodbank since it was founded.

Peter Whale

Peter Whale
Peter works in the hi-tech sector, nurturing businesses with high growth potential, in both Cambridge and Oxford. He is a member of the PCC of St Mary’s Church, Ely, and has recently led Pray for Ely, a vision and initiative to pray for the whole of Ely. He is passionate about Ely Foodbank, and the difference we can make to our community by working together. Peter became a Trustee of the Ely Foodbank in 2012. Peter is married with three grown-up children.

Caroline Barnes

Caroline lives in Manea where she currently runs a coffee shop and holiday rental. She has been a volunteer at the March Food bank for more than two years. Caroline is an ex headteacher and much of her working life has involved supporting vulnerable children and families. Caroline and her husband Chris have two grown up sons and two (nearly three) granddaughters.

Stephanie Baxter

Stephanie has a strong background in social policy and is an advocate on issues around poverty and inequality. She works in housing policy and community engagement in the public sectorwith a passion for empowering people throughthe medium of Community Led Housing models. Stephanie is a practising Christian of the Baptist denomination with lived experience of poverty and the challenges single parents face. This led her to set up a community ‘Cookery Club’ at her Church for local people. This was well received but paused due to Covid. In her spare time, she enjoys music and gardening.

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