Important: New Foodbank Centre – Salvation Army Chatteris open from June 3rd 2024. More information can be found here.


Latest COVID19 Update

20th March 2020

Our Centres are open as normal, although we are running a scaled down version of how we usually work.

We understand that Vouchers will be harder to come across, and those in NEED of our help should phone into 01353 468626 giving their contact details etc.

We cannot meet the needs of those who wish to top up their own shopping habits and our priority will be to those who have lost their jobs, are unwell or are isolated by location.

We are doing the best we can, demand is extremely high, and each day brings new pressures.

Keep donating if you are able but please keep to our main food items as space is at a premium for other items. See the website for more info.

Thank you for patience if you need us.
Thank you for generous spirits when you don’t.

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