New Premises for Ely Foodbank

24th July 2019

Ely Foodbank warehouse at Chettisham

The Ely Foodbank are delighted to be in new premises. From 23rd July, the new warehouse site will be at Century Park, Chettisham.

This moves brings a larger space for the many donations received for the work of Foodbank. The opening times are Tuesdays 9-1.00pm for donations.

As people struggle more with Universal Credit and living on low incomes as cost of living rises, the foodbank offers food for 3-4 days to those who need some help with the basic necessities required to get by.

“This move has been long awaited and it couldn’t be achieved without the regular support from many people giving to our work regularly with financial donations” said Cathy Wright, Project Director for the Foodbank.

“To be able to provide our volunteers with a safe and more efficient way of working will greatly help how we operate overall. Volunteers give so much to this work and nothing would be achieved without their time and efforts.”

Foodbanks will be open during the summer holidays, and families needing help should not be worried about taking their children to any of the Centres. There will be small activities on offer and plenty of snacks!


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