Lets Pull Together

16th March 2020

At Ely Foodbank, across our operations and distribution centres in Ely, Soham, Haddenham, Cottenham, Chatteris and March we are working hard to ensure that we can support those who find themselves in crises need – especially as the impact of the Covid-19 virus gathers pace.

We are extremely grateful for all the public support. Although regular food donations have reduced, we are thankful for those who are continuing to donate food. Some are sending in extra financial donations, and people are offering to physically help where useful. That is fantastic – it is the community coming together recognising that if we pull together we will get through this.

Please do continue to donate through the supermarkets as normal. We have reasonable stocks, but we are short on Tinned Tomatoes, Tinned Fruit, Coffee, and Long life Milk. Please do not donate baked beans, and please hold off on ‘extras’ (like chocolate or other miscellaneous treats) since we have plenty of these! We also have good stocks of pasta for the moment.

Financial donations are welcome since they underpin our operations. Donations are easily made online through this link.

If you think you can physically help, the best way is to make contact via email on our contact us page, and we will follow you up as we see need/possibility. We may not respond immediately – please be patient through these busy times!

At our distribution centres we are making plans to work out how to best help people, especially should people become housebound. It is perfectly okay for a friend, neighbour or relative to come on behalf of someone with a voucher needing food. In fact we would ask friends and neighbours to step up and do this collecting via our regular distribution sessions because it will lighten the load on our existing volunteers.

Thank you again to the general public for your support – lets pull together!

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